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After 6 generations of tradition as olive tree growers, the LUQUE family has developed organic farming of the olive grove at the top level of food quality and respect for the environment.

Our roots as olive oil millers began in 1.850, when Mr. Pedro Urbano Luque (great-grandchild of D. Andrés of Luque Repiso) founded the mill known as “LA Corredera” in Castro del Río, Córdoba.

Recently, and after the stop for the Civil War, the tradition was carried out by the founder of the company Alcubilla, José Antonio Luque Serrano (father of the current leaders' of the company). After several years working as general manger for the main Spanish oil company, José Antonio Luque decided to acquire in 1992 a traditional mill in its original location (Antiguo Molino de Ramiro, 1874) to continue with the family tradition.

Now we can say, after a few centuries of tradition, that culture and olive oil secrets have been transmitted to us in its pure sense.

New generation is trying to combine both ways for growing the olive trees, the traditional one and the modern one, taking the best of each one and always respecting the environment. The result of this is that all our olive groves have become ORGANIC.

We started our organic activity in 1990 as pioneers in Spain because there was just one certifying body: CRAE (Committee of Regulation for Organic Farming). In February, 1999, we founded our olive oil mill, ALCUBILLA 2000, where only organic olives were milled to preserve our organic concept.

At this moment, our MAIN GOAL is diffusing ORGANIC FARMING and having a wide assortment of organic products under " LUQUE " brand.