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ALCUBILLA 2.000 S.L. is an olive mill created in 1999 with the challenge of obtaining Extra Virgin Olive Oil just FROM ORGANIC OLIVES. It is located in Castro del Río (CÓRDOBA), right in the heart of Andalusia, a town between Córdoba and Granada and where the olives are lovingly cultivated and carefully harvested on small family-run farms.

From the moment of its foundation the olive mill has worked as an issuing focus and receiver of all the sensibilities around the ORGANIC FARMING. As result of this motivation, we have promoted several courses and symposiums about ORGANIC FARMING at our facilities that have made us a reference for ORGANIC FARMING in our area.

The maintenance of BIODIVERSITY and the development of RENEWABLE ENERGY have become 2 big challenges in our company.

LUQUE family gives the olives the time they need to ripe and only harvests them in the right moment (known as „envero“), even in unpleasant weather if it’s needed. By then the olives are turning in colour from green to purple.

Also, and as pioneers in Spain, we have developed a very innovative project for the calculation and verification of our CARBON FOOTPRINT, called “CO2 VERIFIED”, that makes us to be engaged with a commitment of reduction of emissions every year.

Finally, we have established an ORGANIC PRODUCTS STORE at our own facilitites, where any visitor could acquire “LUQUE “ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and some other organic products (vinegars, Andalusian Gazpacho, …), as well as handmade products (soaps, olive wood bowls, spoons, forks, and many more,…).

“Trees… I like all of them, but I prefer the olive trees that symbolize the peace with their leaves and the happiness with their golden oil”

Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963)